Thursday, December 17, 2015

Monday, December 7, 2015

So it's looking like this is done for now. would be cool to pose him next and built a bit of an environment for him to stand on. It was a lot of fun making this character. Is based off a Paizo Hobgoblin, and it's a mix of Wayne Reynolds art for the head and the out fit is my design.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Still a work in progress, but it's shaping up. I really like Substance Designer, once it's done there I'm going to take it into Substance painter to add effects, weathering, dirt, grim.



Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rapper Zombie

A volunteer art test for Ember Studio's in Seattle. I guess I just wanted to see what I could do, I'd been making character concept art for so long, making from back side that I didn't know how my work would turn out. I made art that could be used on a Sale Screen, you know a menu page with buttons to press to purchase game credits. This zombie has a lot of gold, which would a pick up for the game, which is why I made a Rapper Zombie, though my first idea was to make a rich older lady but I though a rapper with gold chains would read better. This was fun to paint, and quick I think I did it in 10 to 12 hours, hard to say exactly.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Working an game character. Using Zbrush, 3dsmax, and Marvelous Designer, and some other tricks up my sleave. This is what I would call a medium rez character. It's an intesting place as at this point, I could go on to make a high rez version or finish what I have here. For the project I'm working on I'm planning on doing both. I'm testing a process where I made height maps to add geo detail for the baking. This is to avoid time in Zbrush and hopefully it will save time and look good. Considering the project doesn't require high rez movies and the characters in the game doesn't have lots of close-ups I think this saving time is more of the priority.

Just added a Goblinworks portfolio. I plan on updating with some of the newer work. If you get a chance check out the game,

All my other past work is accessible on the left side bar on my blog, take a look.


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Alien Female renders

I made this to dust off my 3d skill and catch up with all the new stuff that's going on with 3d. I got to learn Vray, Substance Designer and Painter, and Marvelous Designer. Substance Designer is possibley the funnest and most powerful shader and procedural painting program, I love it, Painter is great as well. Marvelous Designer was easy to learn, and for the effort it provides so much more in return than any other 3d program can for the time it takes to learn it. I'm looking forward to using it again when I get a chance.

Here was the art I did for this.


'been learning zbrush, work in progress here. I finaly decided to learn zbrush, it's quite a cool program once you get past the strange interface. Though keep in mind I made a few characters in Mudbox, which is a very easy to learn program compaired to Zbrush, and 3dcoat. 3dcoat is a very promising program it's voxel engine is fantastic and can scuplt in ways that have yet to be developed into techniques by artist. But the industry standard is Zbrush. Not only is Zbrush a great program is a greatly supported program with hours upon hours of tutorials available, many of em from the best sculpters in the world. It's hard to compete with that. If I had to compare all 3. Mudbox is underated, easy to learn, it's quad base geo setup uses the vector displacement maps (VDM), and  ptex. Both VDM and ptex are quite powerful but there are not many videos showing advanced uses of em. 3dCoat is going in the right direction, it's a PBR painting program and a voxel sculpting program. The voxels offer a freedom from mesh geo that can, in my mind, possibly provide a better and faster methods of sculpting, yet no giant community of great artists behind it to master it's capabilities. I definatly want to spend more time with 3dcoat, but for now Zbrush has the most to offer professional sculptors.

Here's the female version of this set. Made with mudbox 3dsmax, vray, substance designer and painter.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

3d procedural mud, and 3d grass

Got to show my 3d skills and texturing skills by replacing terrain maps in our game with new maps using 3dsmax and it's ablilty to make procedural objects. The maps that where made where simple flat maps, but they could be used as a multiply blend on top of the base map that covers the entire landscape.

The goal wasn't to make something photo-realistic, but something along that lines that also has a bit of a style. I was rather impressed with the results and thankful for the free tutorials online that taught me how powerful and easy procedural modeling can be. modeling-procedural-rocks 

Here's the grass the cowlicks was a design choice it added a lot more character than expected and depth. I quite like it and find it does a lot more than look like the one tiled texture that it is.

Here's the dirt, it's and multiplied overlay on top of a base color, the 3d procedural modeling allowed for the normal map bakes to really let the shape give it's illusion. The green is the under-map color that the title map is blending with.

Here's another shot showing the grass.

Maps where extracted from this geo, made in 3dsMax.

The procedural dirt and rocks without the grass.

The mud's geo

Monday, June 1, 2015

Nhur Athermom

Did a promotional piece for Got the okay to post it. This is Nhur Athermom a character created by Paizo publishing for the Pathfinder game.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Mood piece.

Ah stepped outside what I normally do and made a mood piece using photo's. I plan on doing more work like this but this establishes that it's not that hard, or at least not as hard as I thought it would be
to make. I didn't find this to hard to do. relied a lot on photo's which makes stuff much easier, had to re paint the tank of the left as the image was pretty poor but it fit, it was also the wrong side so I had to repaint to give it a proper match.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Having a sense of security isn't always easy to come by. We seek comfort in knowing things will be okay in the end, but we all experience this life from a limited perspective, dealing with information that's well beyond any one person to weigh. From this state of not knowing and wanting all the answers we dance between fears and discovery. Those who can claim to know offer answers of security, those who express seek to understand the things they feel. I think the worst of this is when those who pretend to offer all the answers need people to stop expressing themselves to keep the peace. There's a lot of expression going on here, I hope people are listening with their hearts and not the fears.