Saturday, December 15, 2012

A combination of new photoshop tools, new wacom drivers and some practice getting used to the new settings and tools and I can actually draw in photoshop. I mean no rough sketches and then redrawing em, the old build up technique I was always forced to do in PS cuz drawing in the program has always sucked, I mean just one layer one pencil tool, and a eraser and finish as I go approach. I love it. I can die now.. achievement unlocked. the pic below shows my reference, my wacom driver settings and my drawing, which I did in about ~40mins. 

Sunday, December 2, 2012

some cartoony characters

And now for something different. Cartoony stuff.  Well maybe this isn't so different, I'm simplifying stuff, over exaggerating stuff, and streamlining contours, yet keeping a sense of realism. It's funny to me but cartoons characters all seem to have some sort of connection with Somatosensory cortex. The body proportions that are over and under emphasized seem to reflect the minds relationship of sensory input in proportion to the brains allocation of brain mass to the particular senses, Image of Somatosensory cortex, bottom rights shows a humanoid illustrated in relation to sensory brain mass. I like to think there's a connection here, peoples physical experiences create story lines that develop based on human relationships to the significance of importance to human sensory attributes. So how the Somatosensory cortex relates to images may explain why people like cartoon characters. How this might be important is still beyond me.

 (to side note: For me learning how to draw or paint isn't just a matter of memorizing how things look, though there is a visual vocabulary that develops over time, but conditioning the minds reflexes through practice or exercise to sense and exploit visual relationships. In other words it's more like personally learning how the mind works and relates to things and using it to an advantage as a way of improving how to draw or paint or develop ideas).

enough of the left brain back to the art, the right brain.