Monday, August 17, 2015

Working an game character. Using Zbrush, 3dsmax, and Marvelous Designer, and some other tricks up my sleave. This is what I would call a medium rez character. It's an intesting place as at this point, I could go on to make a high rez version or finish what I have here. For the project I'm working on I'm planning on doing both. I'm testing a process where I made height maps to add geo detail for the baking. This is to avoid time in Zbrush and hopefully it will save time and look good. Considering the project doesn't require high rez movies and the characters in the game doesn't have lots of close-ups I think this saving time is more of the priority.

Just added a Goblinworks portfolio. I plan on updating with some of the newer work. If you get a chance check out the game,

All my other past work is accessible on the left side bar on my blog, take a look.