Quick Portfolio

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Environments, all of these are just quick illustrations, just practice more or less, having fun creating fantasy inspired scenes.

Character work, here's an example of my range of character design art. I have a lot of practice with figure drawing from all the comic work I did and I consider character design my strong point. Mr. Freeze, and Captin Cold where made for Double Helix's Justice League game, which was canceled. The character bottom left was a concept for GIJoe. Next to that is a Cysis Nano suit drawing for EA. Next to that, bottom right are some character sheets for Uber Entertainments, Super Monday Night Combat.

More illustration work, bottom left the big work is an illustration I like to call, Point of Power. The story unwriten, it's just an game idea where soldiers wearing armor made of morphing animals invade a church like building to take control of it's power source. Top left, a tanker is attached by a giant ship eating monster. Next to that another illustration showing a monster attacking a city. Right middle a small part of a backdrop painted for Monday Night Combat. Bellow that is some promotional art for Shiny's His Dark Materials.

Some comic book cover work. On the left is the cover for Endtime made for and indie comic book. The other is a poster for an unpublished comic series for the movie Iron Sky.

Here's a collection of object and weapon designs I did. On the left top and left middle are designs for Shiny's His Dark Materials, that also include the archer's bow and quiver, and the dart shooting shot gun on the right/middle. The rest is work I did for Uber Entertianments games.

Model paint over. Often it's needed for promotional work. The soldiers top left, and bottom right where for GIJoe. The rest where for Uber Entertianment. The work on the bottom left was for cossover character designs with Valve's Team Fortress 2 game and Uber game skins.

Here's a page showing the work I did for Crytek/EA Eroupe. Top left being the finnished design for the Nano suit used in the game Crysis. The rest of the illustrations show progression work for the design.

More quick scene painting. For nothing more than practice.